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Coach C Fitness

Zumba and group Fitness in Galveston

Join my exclusive 80 Day Challenge Group

‚ÄčImagine what 80 days of fitness and nutrition could do for you? Check out the before and afters from some of the amazing men and women who were part of the 80 Day Test Group. My Challenge Group starts the first Monday of every month and we are going to be chasing some insane results.  If you are tired of dieting and ready to get off the roller coaster, sign up today and let's change your health now!  Increase your energy, firm your booty, shred stubborn belly fat and restart your metabolism!

What's Included?

Meal plans
Portion control system
strength bands and gliders
approved food lists
daily workouts
support and accountability group

We give you all the tools to succeed! Are you ready to commit?  

Nutrition Counseling, Personalized Weight Loss plans

Group Fitness Classes and Galveston Zumba