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Coach C Fitness

Zumba and group Fitness in Galveston


Take it from someone who knows the struggle.  I will not give up on you or your goals for losing weight and getting healthy.  I started my fitness journey back in 2010 when I fell in LOVE with Zumba Fitness.  I attended classes for about 3 months as a student and was hooked.  I enrolled in my group fitness certification class and became licensed in 4 different zumba classes. That was only the beginning though.  I opened up my own studio in Arlington, Texas back in 2011 and found about 75 women who wanted a crazy but fun instructor to help motivate them.  I loved my ladies as much as they loved my classes.  In the middle of 2014, I suffered a back injury and was forced to shut down my studio and retire my dancing shoes.  I was devastated and like most people, I chose food to comfort me.  Within a year I had gained over 100 pounds and was miserable.  I missed the classes, the people, but most importantly, I missed who I was at that time.   The bright eyed, fun girl, had disappeared.  I found myself battling a non-functioning thyroid, poly-cystic ovarian disease and no matter what I tried, the weight would not budge.  Diet after diet, the scale just continued to go up and I hated it, I hated myself for what I let happen.  Fast forward to November of 2016, I found my mentor through the beachbody system and started using shakeology every day and doing light workouts.  Within a month, I had lost 18 pounds.  I have continued with the program and continue to lose weight every week.  As of July, I am down 55 pounds.  This is exactly what was missing, I needed something to boost my confidence.  I had the opportunity to begin teaching again and that is how I am here now.  I am on a journey to get back to my best health and lose weight also, working together with each and every one of you.  I am not a fitness model, I have imperfections and I have struggles just like everyone else.  I also have an amazing husband and two wonderful boys that I am required to give 100% to, every single day.  They are my sun, moon, and stars.  Not only am I doing this journey for them but I am doing this for ME!  I encourage you to come out and try a class at our Galveston location.  There is no intimidation and the showing of support among students is incredible.  I look forward to seeing you soon and am ready to help you every step of the way!  Love Always, Coach Courtney