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Fitness has always been a passion of mine.  Starting almost a decade back, I fell in love with the aerobics class I had been attending and decided to get certified myself to teach.  Being someone who had struggled with weight for all of my adult life, I new I needed something to keep me accountable and get up every single day and be active.  

As I approached 35, my health took a downward spiral and I was facing a 100 pound weight gain, musculoskeletal problems, a non functioning thyroid and many other health issues.  I learned that being physical was a small part of the equation and I would need to change my nutrition if I was going to change my health.  I committed myself to eating a whole foods, dense nutrition plan with higher fats and found the weight just falling off.  After a couple years with zero metabolism....finally I was a fat burning machine without the need for pills or quick fixes.  Once you change your nutrition, you can change your life!  Now I commit myself to helping others realize the healing power of nutrition and work to find the best meal plan and fitness routine custom for you.  There is no one size fits all diet and you are no like everyone else.  We find what works best for YOU!  

If you are ready to make a change, contact me at and let's change your health for good!

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