****Holy regularity! This has been a huge help! Ladies, you know what I am saying. No more laxatives, no more acid reflux medication.....my system works naturally. When you are running on premium octane...you simply run so much better.
***Anti-inflammatory magic! Not really magic, but the ingredients do alleviate the pain associated with inflammatory diseases and auto-immune responses that cause so many to live each day in pain. As someone who suffered with Fibromyalgia and migraines on a daily basis....swallowed a hand full of pills to make it through each day only to temporarily numb the pain, I was skeptical too when I started reading on the results people had. Almost 6 months on Shakeology and I have quit taking the majority of my medications. I don't feel overwhelmed with pain and I have energy again. I feel good!
I could go on and on about the benefits I have experienced but instead, I would rather give you the chance to see what amazing nutrition will do to your body.
Join me for 7 days.....one week. Drink one shake each day, participate in my challenge group and see all the benefits this program can offer you. We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic and our health as a community is worse than it has ever been. We do not have to be a slave to pharmaceuticals and physicians who are paid by the industry to bring us back and keep us full of medications. Give me 7 days and you will feel the difference. For the price of one dinner for two, you can fuel your body for 7 full days! Trust me when I say, I will be there and we will do this together. All you have to say is "I am READY"

I am your local Beachbody Coach and Zumba Instructor in Galveston and ready to do this with YOU.

So, you keep seeing me post about the results with Shakeology, you even ask "what is the diet drink you are using" but you haven't decided to commit to a full 30 days. I wanted to clear a few things up and try to answer everyone's questions. And yes, there is a little tough love here but that is what we need sometimes.
***First, I am not drinking a diet drink, it's not a protein shake, it is a FULL serving of DENSE NUTRITION, the fuel your body needs to function correctly and at the highest level. It does replace a meal every day and there are some days where I have it for breakfast and dinner but those are rare. It has curbed my sweet tooth, I don't crave snacks all day and it has changed my taste for food. I actually crave healthy foods.
***Compare your current meal replacement shake to Shakeology's superfood packed shake. Herbalife, Advocare, HMR, 310 Shake, you name it....NONE of them have the natural ingredients and superfoods that Shakeology offers. Seriously, look at the ingredients and tell me if you know what half of the things listed are. hint....they are chemical and artificial fillers
***I have not added the expense to my grocery bill. It is not something you do in addition to your regular routine, it replaces what you would spend on breakfast and several snacks. Plus, if you get three friends to join you, yours is free!

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